Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the POP I.Q. pops so small?
    Sorghum Grain starts out small when it grows, much smaller than a corn kernel, but it has a similar kind of protective layer that holds in a little moisture, and when exposed to the right amount of heat it pops the same way corn does. Like a lot of things you may know that are small and very powerful (like atoms) Sorghum and Pop I.Q. give you more power than corn… has more protein and fiber, and is loaded with macro and micronutrients to help give your body Big Fuel!

  • How and where to eat POP I.Q. Snacks?
    How? One at a time… that might take while (but could be good for the little tikes), or raise the bag like your favorite beverage, squeeze the pouch on the edges near the zipper to from a funnel, and fill up with energy. For a little extra fiber and crunch try Tuscany on your favorite salad, or for a little sweet try some Kettle in your oatmeal, cereal, or with yogurt. Where…? On the plane, on the train, in the car. On your walk. At the show, in the museum, after the gym. Anywhere you may need a convenient mini meal or a little energy during the day.
  • If your Kettle flavor becomes a little stiff in the package?
    Because we use premium all natural ingredients with no preservatives, including Non-GMO pure cane in our Kettle recipe. There may be extreme temperature swings in shipping to you. If this occurs, place your Kettle Pops in the refrigerator or the freezer for short time (a couple of hours or overnight if you like) and when you remove gently massage the pops inside the pouch starting with your thumbs around the window area and work your way up till they’re loose, you should be all set.