POP I.Q. 12-Pack ($2.09 ea)

POP I.Q. 12-Pack ($2.09 ea)

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Now you can enjoy Pop I.Q. Snacks conveniently delivered right to your door! Each quantity can be customized for the flavors you love best — Cheddar, Sea Salt & Pepper, Kettle or Tuscany. 

Cheddar Cheese
Our superior Cheddar Cheese is loved by the cheddar purist. Sourced from a prestigious, 100-year-old dairy farm in Idaho, dairy cows are raised Non-rBST-injected and hormone free. Our Cheddar Cheese blend is all natural with no preservatives, gluten free and Non-GMO. We add just the right amount of Annatto and Paprika for a bit of spice, along with the good-quality “high” Oleic, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, and that’s all!

Traditional Italian spices give our pops old world flavor. Some say it’s the “grown-up flavor”, but kids enjoy this savory snack too. With Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Certified Organic Rosemary, Certified Organic Sage, Certified Organic Garlic and Sea Salt, the ingredients are uncomplicated, but provide a taste that’s sophisticated.

Spice up your “normal” salad and add some crunch with a little of our Tuscany, Cheddar or Sea Salt & Pepper Pop I.Q.!

Our classic Kettle flavor will remind you of when you were young again. Even better today, our recipe uses Ultra-premium, Zulka Morena Pure Cane Brown Sugar that is unrefined and Non-GMO verified. Like all our selections, we start with superior, Certified Organic Sorghum Grain, that is air popped and flavored in small batches.

Sea Salt & Pepper
There are only four ingredients — including the Pops! — in our Pop I.Q. Sea Salt and Pepper: Certified Organic air popped sorghum grain, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil (the “good” quality, “high” Oleic kind), Certified Organic Black Pepper and Sea Salt. Like all our flavors, there are no preservatives. “Better than Ordinary Snacks”, this is a complex carbohydrate that fills you up and digests slowly.