Air Popped NOn GMO Sorghum

An Ancient Grain Now a New World Snack.


Customers Love POP I.Q Snacks

Satisfying snack

I love this snack and there is quite a bit in the bag. I am avoiding popcorn, because of the health issues that corn causes. I found this snack by accident and have tried both the Salt & Pepper, which is my favorite and the Tuscany blend is also a great snack. Perfect for your afternoon snack attack! Highly recommend!!


A delicious healthy alternative to popcorn

This is a wonderful healthy alternative to popcorn. My husband and I take it to the movies every week and don’t feel deprived as the audience munches on their treats. We think it is delicious and tastes like the popcorn we surrendered on our new lifestyle diet.


Perfect for movie watching

Delicious, lectin-free alternative to popcorn. Perfect for movie watching.


Five Stars

Love this product. Excellent backup to popcorn. Smaller kernels but still great!